Friday, 24 October 2008


My art often engages with found objects. I use them as new beginnings, and they turn into a life of their own. Themes which inspire and fascinate me are about love, sex , relationships and people. Sometimes my interests originate from a very simple idea. My latest sculpture depicts the last drop of paint squeezed out of a tube, but that could be a metaphor for something else. My work is opening up to an expanding universe of interests, and it is exciting to have the freedom to use different materials including metal, silicone and paint, as well as photography. By being open to possibilities and taking risks, we allow new things to happen which can surprise us. This is part of the fun - it’s like waking up fresh and new, taking an idea of an old twisted tube of paint, playing with different materials that evoke that object - and then something magical happens when it easily fits into place like a jigsaw puzzle. I love seeing other artists reinvent things and ending up with a work that is universally true to everybody. I hope that the fun I have is reflected in my work and that other people will enjoy it too.

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