Monday, 29 September 2008


In my practice I operate in the spaces, the dialectical spaces; object / thing; time / space; object / representation; perception / cognition – the final gap between seeing and understanding and the narrative that fills that gap to generate understanding.
I attempt to generate spaces through time that allow the viewer to enter and presents an opportunity to recognise the process of entrance and to become aware that that is what they are doing. I create narrative-free "films", using small alterations or processes or rhythms or loops or stasis or palindromes to create a process of object; film of object; viewing of film of object. But this is not, nor could it be a closed loop as narrative construction begins to fill the gaps.
So I focus on the everyday, not the overlooked but the unconsciously seen, the perceived, that cumulatively added to the self, generates cognition. But in that space are the processes, structure, social constructs that allow us to move from perception to cognition with little or no awareness of its occurrence. I attempt to make that process more conscious, an embodied process, a phenomenological process, an immersed and embodied spectatorship.

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